Legend Bicycle Day, 28th September 2015

Date: Monday 28th September 2015. Venue: The English Wine and Spirits Co., Devonshire Row EC2M 4RH. Time: 11.30am to 8pm. Details: Marco Bertoletti will join us with several of the new frames for 2015/6 – including the stunning Venticinquesimo. If you would be interested to view the range and to learn more about the hand…

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Bike Fitting Feedback: Andy F.

Hi Jo, Mal Just wanted to give you an update following the fitting session in April. Basically, everything is fantastic. 1100 Km ridden to date, a variety of distances and speeds, e.g.  plenty of 4 hour club rides, an 82 mile sportive ridden at 16 mph, a 50 mile ridden non stop at 18’s, 2…

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‘Playful is the best adjective’

Dear Jo and Mal, I hope this email finds you well. I was happy to return to triathlon racing last week-end. The photographer took a really nice picture from the side of the bike (usually they do a lot of pictures from the front as they stay just by the side of the road). It’s…

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Sportive Season – Equipment Considerations

More and more of my clients are attending cycling bike events (one day sportives, stage events over several days) – there’s no doubt that it is a fantastic way to combine sightseeing and pursue one of their interests with friends and family. There’s usually a double ‘whammy’ of a sense of accomplishment from the bike…

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The Legend Ride Experience – “It Glides”

This is an owner’s response to his experience of a Legend bicycle. “It glides. I have searched for a word to express how it feels to ride my new Legend and ‘gliding’ comes closest. Gliding because the connection to the road feels entirely unmediated. The bike goes where I want it to go. Always. That…

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Marco Bertoletti in London – photo album

Monday, April 20th 2015 After a busy weekend at the UK Handbuilt Bike Show, a chance to spend some time in London with Le Beau Velo. As a friend remarked, ‘there’s nothing more Italian than watching Marco knock back an espresso!’   Fun and Games – who’s ‘shootin’ who?  …

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Legend Carbon – The Difference

So to conclude the journey through Legend factory, here is a look at the process for a hand made carbon frame from Legend.  The emphasis on quality of raw materials, sophisticated process and finish are once again evident. All of the frames are made to measure.  Once the bike fit geometry has been established, Legend…

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Legend Titanium – Getting it Right

Titanium is notoriously difficult to do well – prone to cracking, difficult to ‘work’ and generally offering a ‘soft’ ride. The Legend experience confounds this mainstream experience – exceptional durability, ride performance and aesthetics.  You need only try one yourself or speak to a Legend owner for verification. The secret is that Legend have one of the…

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Legend Factory – Marco Bertoletti

Welcome to the world of bespoke, hand built frames from Legend. Owning a Legend offers more than just an opportunity to buy a bicycle.  Here you are in the home of a master craftsman.  The distinction Legend frames offer comes from the decades of frame building knowledge, the rigorous process of manufacture, the quality of the raw…

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