Legend Titanium – Getting it Right

Titanium is notoriously difficult to do well – prone to cracking, difficult to ‘work’ and generally offering a ‘soft’ ride.

The Legend experience confounds this mainstream experience – exceptional durability, ride performance and aesthetics.  You need only try one yourself or speak to a Legend owner for verification.


The secret is that Legend have one of the best equipped artisan workshops in existence – the quality of the tools, raw materials used, manufacturing procedures and skill of the labour make these frames distinctive.

Meticulous construction and attention to detail – here is a snapshot of the process.

  1. Their frame jig can replicate the bike fitting design that we send to them.  A client can expect a frame spot on to the bike fitting that we have identified as suitable for the optimum ride position.
  2. Legend use high grade, exclusive titanium tubing which is harder to ‘work’ but offers enhanced characteristics.  The extra lengths to source and work with this type of tubing is a distinguishing feature.
  3. The manual process of sizing tubes and creating the basic frame structure begins. The tubes have to be accurately cut and cleaned for a close fitting assembly to eliminate weaknesses which will impair ride performance.alla fabbriche (11)
  4. Marco Bertoletti (owner and creator of Legend) performs the welding – clean and quick using Titanium solder for this frame
  5. Legend has a chamber for welding frames to ensure there are no dirt particles infiltrating the weld which can potentially weaken the join and detract from final performance.
  6. Polishing and finishing takes 2 days to give that distinctive finish you have seen on frames I have posted.


All frames are made on site in Italy. Truly masterpieces.

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