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Product Description

A Formigli Genesi offers pure riding pleasure, striking a perfect balance between stiffness, durability, and comfort. Adjectives we hear from Genesi riders are: comfortable, smooth, solid, steady, sturdy, quick, reactive, light, and crisp.

Genesi, the custom carbon road bicycle, is a race-bred frame that maintains all of the beauty of legendary Italian artisan construction. A Genesi is made from the best 4-5 layer carbon fiber money can buy – made exclusively for Renzo Formigli in Italy.

From fast, flat road to steep grades to technical corners, a Genesi tackles variations in terrain with ease. It is responsive and accelerates effortlessly. On climbs, all of its rider’s power transfers directly to the rear tire’s contact patch. On descents and in corners, riders tell us they feel confident carving an edge. The front end holds a line without nervousness.

A Genesi is perfect for you if you love cycling, ride the long miles and want to experience our sport as pure pleasure, without sacrifice in either area: comfort or speed.

If you yearn to enjoy the feeling of you and your bike working together as a seamless cohesive unit… If you’re looking for that elusive thing: a beautiful, comfortable, forgiving carbon road bike…If you’ve dreamed of a carbon fiber bicycle that is actually Made (to order) in Italy.

We confidently suggest Genesi.

Available with disc brakes