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Your eyes are one of your main tele-receptors for receiving external stimuli and a preference to use one eye over the other – a dominant eye – will influence how you experience life:  the way you speak to people, how you interact with them and how you move…one way is easier than the other. 

Sounds fundamental right? 

eye training

There’s a simple test to check which is your dominant eye.  Try creating a small triangular aperture with your two hands using the thumbs as the base of the pyramid.
  (For the photo I had to improvise to manage the picture).  Focus on an object in the distance.  Draw your hands towards you.  Stop in front of your face.  Which eye is looking through the ‘window’.  That’ll be your dominant eye. 

A bunch of factors can affect how you use your eyes…in my case a ruptured ACL as a young footballer meant I switched from right to left as my right knee lost functionality.  Injuries, lack of mobility (sedentary lifestyles), a lack of variety of movement are a couple of factors.  

The really good ball athletes can switch between eyes instantly.  Interesting huh?  (Well it is to me anyway).  It is possible to use techniques to help re-balance the eyes (if you lost vision in one eye the other would take over) so it is a question of exercise.  I spent a session using Feldenkrais techniques to experience this.  By the end of the session I actually managed to switch the focus (which is pretty unusual).

eye training

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