Mindfulness – exploring ‘acceptance’

Now I get it! I mean I R-E-A-L-L-Y…really get it.

Mindfulness presented by Alex Irving was a ‘personal and practical exploration of acceptance’ – the third seminar in the sequence of ‘Pain and Plasticity’ brought together strands of work established over the course of several lectures organised by Pain and Performance (NOI Clinic).

The concept of ‘mindfulness’ has its origins in Budhism and yoga.  Mindfulness shares the ideology of balance between ‘mind and body’ to experience the world.  This contrasts with the experience of Western philosophy and science which has increasingly widened the mind-body split over the last few centuries.  Our world view has increasingly been limited to cognitive experiences – the value of philosophy, analysis, mathematics and science superseding other forms of natural understanding.

‘The personal and practical exploration of acceptance’ as instructed by Alex is an inward exploration using techniques of body ‘awareness’ and acceptance of latent tensions and feelings.  Re-establishing  physical, emotional and perceptual awareness enables us to respond ‘thoughtfully’ – to know ourselves better in this sense affords us the opportunity ‘take care’ of ourselves which out of self-preservation would usually result in finding a solution that is nurturing.

Kindness and compassion are two suggested responses.  To accept our deficiencies with ‘kindness’ rather than to steam-roller the feelings into submission (judgementally) and ‘over-react’ as a response if we have negatively failed to meet our expectations has tangible benefits.  You may find through self-dialogue that your anxiety is actually un-founded or relieved.  You may find a root cause for misplaced expectations.  Anxieties dissolve and physical stresses likewise disappear as your brain has less ‘baggage’ to hold onto.

Well-being and optimal performance have a psychological component – your body is a reflection of your mind state.  If your mind is in a happy balance, there’s every chance your body will be too.

There’s a short intro video of the seminar available here – Le Beau Velo YouTube

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