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Product Description

You could call the Florentia a woman-specific Formigli Classic, but you’d be selling it short.  It is a custom racing bicycle but truly it is also Italian art at its highest perfection.

Most women’s specific bikes are made to a formula, as if all women were alike. The Florentia, like Renzo Formigli’s other models, is made-to-order, custom, each bicycle different from the last one and the next one. Each custom road bike is made to suit (to delight) its eventual rider.

Renzo builds the Florentia the way elite Italian framebuilders, a dwindling bunch, used to make frames: An order arrives. Builder and client discuss the particulars of the order, not just frame geometry but finish and cable routing and all other important design and build out details. Consensus is reached.

Not until that consensus is attained will Renzo Formigli cut a tube or pick from his stock the bits that form a frame and eventually a bicycle.

And what a bicycle it will be! If you’re reading this, you’re aware that the Italian steel custom frame represents decades of Italian cycling history. In concept, an Italian steel bicycle is the racing bike in purest form. On the road, steel frames dampen surface shock and deliver a ride that has never been equaled.

Steel is not state-of-the-art in this carbon era, but to many riders a steel bike is a joy forever.

Florentia, if you’re curious, is the ancient city name of today’s Florence. Florentia means blooming. The name was given to the symbol of Florence, the blooming Iris. The Formigli coat of arms is the only coat of arms of noble Florentine families that carries the Iris of Florence.