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David Rudisha, circadian rhythms, and enjoying the bike

Mal Pires and Jo McRae are, respectively, vendor of sophisticated (often bespoke) carbon bicycles, and exercise professional with a decade of experience and first class degree in Physical Education and Sports Science from Loughborough University. They share the banter of close colleagues (McRae’s injuries from a recent cycling accident – thankfully minor – provide Pires with all the ammunition he requires on the day of our visit; McRae, as any who know her will attest, is more than capable of defending herself) but practice their art with impressive seriousness. The atmosphere in the mirrored fitting room of Le Beau’s basement premises is light, but purposeful.

Their bike fitting philosophies are holistic and founded in serious concerns for human health in what might, in the broadest terms, be described as western civilisation in the early 21st century. On the day of our visit, the mesmerising form of the athlete David Rudisha and Kenyan dominance of middle and long distance running provides a jumping off point for an engrossing conversation on diet, exercise, movement, and the human body’s response to environment and infrastructure.


Bike fitting with Le Beau Velo a road-cycling video by rcuk

Le Beau Velo

93 Worship Street
t: 0203 239 2311

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