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In the heart of Shoreditch, we have created a comfortable space where cyclists and triathletes can receive expert advice and services. Here you can speak to dedicated cyclists who are friendly and approachable.

You will also find a display of Italian made to measure bicycles – truly gorgeous machines with wonderful reviews.

Aside from amazing bicycles we have complimentary services to further inspire and motivate you – find your physical potential by booking in for a professional metabolic assessment or find your optimum riding position with our professional bike fitter.

In all, we think you will find this a truly inspiring place that will increase your enthusiasm for cycling. We work on an appointment basis so we can ensure that we address you as an individual.

Feel free to arrange a time to view our showroom and visit the metabolic testing and fitting studio.

TF2 red build up

Le Beau Velo

93 Worship Street
t: 0203 239 2311
e: mal@lebeauvelo.co.uk

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