Bike Fitting

The bike fitting process and final outcome should be very personal.

People speak of the harmony, exhilaration and beauty of riding a bicycle and ‘bike fitting’ is a key element in this relationship.

Even if two people are the same height it is unlikely they are identical in their limb lengths.  Then take into account the differences caused by lifestyle, injuries, previous sports history, weight, flexibility and mobility, and you can see there is scope for many influential factors.

Bike Fitting - Le Beau Velo

At Le Beau Velo we offer:

  • Bespoke fitting service specialising in advising on appropriate frame geometry and bike set up.
  • A manual review combining limb length measurement with postural assessment
  • This is a holistic approach to take account of individual requirements
  • Our assessment offers tailored recommendations
  • Final frame geometry template and guidance notes for postural assessment are included
  • Road, TT or MTB
  • Every Monday and Wednesday

Standard road bicycle fitting – £200 (contact us for variations)

Le Beau Velo

93 Worship Street
t: 0203 239 2311

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