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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bike fitting?

Bike fitting addresses the chemistry between a rider and their bicycle.  This relationship has component parts with principal interest focusing on issues relating to comfort, sizing, performance and handling.

The goal of the bike fitting at LBV is to identify the most suitable bike set up position for you, to record this position and to provide you with the measures.

Why do you need a bike fitting?

Broadly there are three good occasions for a bike fit:

  • This fitting session is suitable for anyone that is thinking of buying a new bicycle and wants to ensure that they are buying the most suitable frame for themselves.  A fitting before a purchase will be a wise investment.
  • For someone thinking of having a bicycle made for them (custom geometry).  This is virtually a pre-cursor.  Even if you have had a fitting before, your position may have changed.
  • For someone with an existing bicycle who wants the assistance of a knowledgeable bike fitter who understands bespoke geometry and who can advise precisely how to improve their bike set up.  Your bicycle will be adjusted as closely as possible to the advised position.

What factors will the bike fitting consider?

People are different.  The way people perform and behaviour is influenced beyond a bio-mechanical perspective.  Past experience strongly shapes patterns of movement and as we all have different experiences – no two bike fittings are the same.

The experience of the bike fitter is crucial to making the best out of your bike fitting session.  At LBV the skill is based on creating bespoke frame design for individuals.  Limb length measurements are a starting point to finding a suitable position.  Guidance will be offered based on principles of custom frame geometry (seat angles, tube lengths) for optimal position in conjunction with consideration of the rider’s goals, history and level of experience.

Is this fitting service for me?

The ethos of the fitting is very much a personalised, tailored service to the individual rider.  To recognise the differences that every person has and to allow for this.

You can raise concerns you may be having around niggling pains, handling issues, lack of performance or general lack of confidence in your current set up.

Is this a ‘system’ based approach to bike fitting? 

No – this is a more ‘traditional’ form of bike fitting that enables me to have a better relationship with the client.  The relationship is a key component as it heightens awareness of the rider’s abilities, history, experience and objectives.

The tools of the bike fitting are the goniometer to measure body angles, tape measure, a completely adjustable fitting jig and lastly (and most importantly) the experience of the bike fitter.

What you can expect in the bike fitting session:

A session starts with an assessment of your current riding style by watching you on your current bike (if you have one – for those looking for a new frame and do not have a bike, this will be omitted).  Next stage will be to identify a suitable frame geometry based on your body measures.  The fitting jig will be used for this as we start to hone in on your particular bike fitting requirements.

Once the final position is achieved, you will be able to ride the position on the fitting jig to experience the position.  At all times I will offer guidance and will answer any queries around cleat set up, handlebar positions/widths, suitable components.

I will send you follow notes, photos and frame design schematic for your records.


Bike fitting is available any day of the week by appointment except Sunday.  The session lasts around 2 hours – the price is £150.

For further information or to make a booking please email me – mal@lebeauvelo.co.uk

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