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Product Description

Formigli’s best selling custom Italian road bike

“This is a bike that just wants to go…it is unlike any bike you’ve ever ridden.”

Created with IM600 carbon, the Asiel RF features six layers of IM600 both bidirectional and unidirectional. The tube-to-tube construction allows Formigli to tailor each frame to the particular needs of the individual rider.

With an intriguing, striking look and design, the Asiel RF is anything but boring. Not just another bike on a Saturday group ride, each Formigli is one of a kind—and the ride quality is just as singular. It’s magical. An RF is smooth, confident and comfortable. Power transfer is seamless. An RF won’t flex or loose power when sprinting or starting from a stop. Descending is a dream, cornering tight and accurate. An RF transfers all of its riderʼs power to the road on climbs. At the same time it is comfortable on long rides, perfect for a 100-kilometer ride or a Gran Fondo. Or for a Masters racer who wants a light race bike that fits…perfectly. Available in a full color paint scheme or in flat-clear and flat-black – so you see the carbon handiwork that goes into the frame. A bike this beautiful begs to be ridden.

Available with disc brakes