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Product Description

The IRIS, new for 2013, is our uncompromising custom carbon racing frame for women. Every Iris is hand built to order for a hard-riding, podium-hungry racer.

Your Iris isn’t just another bike, not even just another women’s specific racing bike. Your Iris is your custom bike, intended from its blueprint for no one but you.

Each Iris, like every Formigli carbon frame, is made custom, one at a time, from the finest Italian carbon. It’s designed just for you, built just for you and finished just for you. There are no off-the-rack stock Iris frames.

Our customers tell us that they hadn’t expected that a made-to-measure custom frame would work so much better: ride so smoothly and confidently, jump so enthusiastically. They didn’t expect a new bike to change so positively the way they feel when they ride. But their Irises did all of those things.

Somehow, thanks to Renzo Formigli’s magic, an Iris will resist power-sapping flex while still smoothing the worst road surfaces. An Iris will respond to power inputs instantly and effectively, and corner like nothing you’ve ever ridden.

Why is it so much better? Your Iris is made from the very finest Italian carbon tubes, not pulled from a mass production mold.

Because it’s made from tubes, Renzo Formigli can choose the length of the tubes, the angles at which the tubes meet, the number of carbon layers of the tubes and of the wrapping at the joints. Formigli is on top of all that.

Your Iris is also painted for you and has the headset, bottom bracket and seatpost you request. Unless you buy another Formigli down the road, your new Iris will surely be the best bicycle you’ll ever own.