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Product Description

Do you feel buried in choices among carbon road bikes? Formigli has made it easy for you.

This is The Formigli ONE. The only road bike you need.

Renzo Formigli calls this new bike, two years in the making, The ONE. There is no other bike like it. It’s not just the highest performing racing bike Renzo has ever made, magically it is also his most comfortable for gran fondos and club rides.

Those two qualities were thought to be mutually exclusive in one frame: rigidity, thus responsiveness, and comfort. How did he do that?

First, the T 800 carbon Renzo chose for THE ONE allows him to build-in flexibility at specific points on the frame. Previous carbons denied him that control. Thanks to the new carbon, Renzo found he was able to use new tube shapes, diameters, and angles throughout the frame as never before.