Bike Fitting Feedback: Marcus F.

Thanks Jo and Mal for your emails.

I’ve now done 350+ks in the new position and have settled down to it well – the back pain is still there but significantly reduced and easily bearable – for the first time since I got the new S Works I am enjoying the rides right to the finish whereas with the old position after 3hours I would be suffering and willing the ride to end.

I think the slight pain that I am left with will be addressed by the work Jo and I will shortly begin.

Just goes to show – the old position was the product of 3 hours of Retul fitting. My Retul angles were spot on but Retul doesn’t take into account weight distribution. Mal correctly diagnosed that my weight was not evenly distributed and the new position addresses this to take more weight and stress off my lower back.

So many thanks to both of you for casting your expert eyes over my set up and helping to solve the problem.

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