Bike Fitting Feedback: Marcus F.

Thanks Jo and Mal for your emails. I’ve now done 350+ks in the new position and have settled down to it well – the back pain is still there but significantly reduced and easily bearable – for the first time since I got the new S Works I am enjoying the rides right to the…

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Case Study 5 – Knee Pain

Issue: The onset of knee pain after 60 minutes of cycling that is curtailing his enjoyment of being on a bicycle. Additionally the rider has a lower back and neck condition – so in principle more than one significant condition to contend with.   Presenting Issue: The rider has a general list of issues relating…

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Case Study 1 – Body Proportions

ISSUE: Finding a suitable frame geometry that takes account of particular variations in body proportions for the individual i.e. torso to lower body.  Some frame designs will suit a long torso and shorter leg combination whilst others will cater for the opposite.  It is important to know what will suit you. THE RIDER: Sports/Exercise History: Cycling…

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Case Study 3 – New to cycling

ISSUE:  From our work at Le Beau Velo, we see clients from various sports backgrounds – running, golf, rugby, swimming…who now wish to take up cycling. The health benefits and popularity of cycling these days makes the activity very appealing. However, for any new rider, there is a new movement pattern which the body has…

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Case Study 4 – Posture: What do we mean? The Need to Know

ISSUE:  Have you noticed how cycling vernacular is changing? The benefits of cycling and the attendant change in culture means there is more focus on the ‘bio-mechanical’ aspects of the sport. In essence we are talking about ‘the body’. Aside from the hardware of the bicycle itself which has always been a ‘given’, there is…

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