Case Study 1 – Body Proportions

ISSUE: Finding a suitable frame geometry that takes account of particular variations in body proportions for the individual i.e. torso to lower body.  Some frame designs will suit a long torso and shorter leg combination whilst others will cater for the opposite.  It is important to know what will suit you.


Sports/Exercise History: Cycling within a proactive approach to fitness including working regularly with a trainer with free weights for strength

Riding Goals: Sportives, staying injury free



Ian Scorah Jan14 5

  • Relatively upright position on the bike
  • Handling concerns particularly while descending
  • A shallow drop between saddle height and bars
  • Overall good strength and flexibility
  • Hunching/tension around neck on the bike(caused by bike set up as off the bike measured showed no bodily cause for this)
  • Slight localized tightness hip flexors and piriformis



  • Ian is relatively longer in the torso and arms
  • His frame geometry suited someone with a longer leg length and shorter torso
  • No flexibility/mobility issues that significantly limit position
  •  Lumbar  flexion is slightly reduced associated with some tension in the hip flexors



Ian Scorah Jan14 2

  • A frame geometry with a steeper seat angle + greater reach to accommodate the length in his torso so suiting his body proportions
  • Increased drop to aid handling and performance
  • Specific hip flexor and piriformis stretches provided to improve fluidity of hip action and improved lower back biomechanics
  • The longer position alleviated the tension around the neck by way of lengthening the spine from the lumbar area upwards


“It was great to find out what a good cycling position is supposed to feel like even if my current bike struggles to provide that!”

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