The Legend Ride Experience – “It Glides”

This is an owner’s response to his experience of a Legend bicycle.

V Scheid HT10.0 Disc (2)

“It glides. I have searched for a word to express how it feels to ride my new Legend and ‘gliding’ comes closest.

Gliding because the connection to the road feels entirely unmediated. The bike goes where I want it to go. Always. That generates a sensation of trust I have not experienced before. I have never been the world’s fastest descender. Going downhill is not what me most about cycling and as I get older avoiding accidents is becoming an ever more important concern. To my great surprise, then, descents I used to do at 55kmh I suddenly find myself flying down at 75kmh feeling safer than before. Going uphill it’s the reverse. Power is transferred so smoothly that I consistently tend to feel faster than I am actually going. That does not mean I am slow. I consistently get up those hills in the 90th percentile or above compared to previous efforts. It just feels so much easier. Gliding does not mean no effort or concentration are ever required. It means there is less of a boundary between where my body ends and the bike begins. I am now more man-machine whereas previously I was riding a bike. What more can you ask for? And if you need a comparison, read this man’s experience with his new Colnago: Of course, he did not have the benefit of Mal and Jo’s bespoke fitting. They set up the bike just perfectly for me and I cannot recommend them highly enough. But unlike Ernesto’s alchemy, which apparently needs to be worked at to be discovered, Marco’s magic weaves a more immediate spell”.

Author: FS, Legend HT10.0 Disc

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