Legend Queen – example build

Your custom bicycle starts with a range of frames to select from. Each frame is made to measure based on your bike fit. The frame is ‘finished’ to your request – placement and selection of graphics as well as colour schemes. In terms of groupsets, wheels and accessories there is a wide choice and we…

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Saddle soreness – a modern approach

My colleague, Karl Monahan from the Pelvic Pain Clinic, invited me to collaborate with him to address topics of mutual interest and ‘Saddle Soreness –  A Modern Approach’ is the first article. The purpose of this article is to raise awareness of new strategies available to deal with saddle soreness.  The article provides an oversight…

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Mindfulness – exploring ‘acceptance’

Now I get it! I mean I R-E-A-L-L-Y…really get it. Mindfulness presented by Alex Irving was a ‘personal and practical exploration of acceptance’ – the third seminar in the sequence of ‘Pain and Plasticity’ brought together strands of work established over the course of several lectures organised by Pain and Performance (NOI Clinic). The concept…

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“Whenever I think of Switzerland, my pelvis hurts!”

Urinating, intercourse, standing in a queue, stuck in an elevator, sitting at a desk at work, eating mayonnaise or even thinking of Switzerland – chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) does not discriminate.  These are just some examples of triggers that have brought on the discomfort associated with pain in the pelvic region.  Indeed a royal…

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Smudge: /smᴧdʒ/ – losing precision in movement

Smudge: /smᴧdʒ/ – become messily smeared Crisp, clear motor control function, for example a specific action like lifting a cup, requires a sequencing of notes (a neural pathway) in the brain to trigger the process responsible for the orchestration of limbs to perform that movement.  ‘Smudging’ is an aberration of this sequencing and loss of…

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Eye training

Your eyes are one of your main tele-receptors for receiving external stimuli and a preference to use one eye over the other – a dominant eye – will influence how you experience life:  the way you speak to people, how you interact with them and how you move…one way is easier than the other.  Sounds…

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The usefulness of the cup is in its emptiness – Bruce Lee

These are notes from Morten Hoegh’s ‘Talking Pain out of Patients’ seminar – 25th May 2017, Le Beau – Scrutton Street . “Pain is about the individual.  It is person specific.  We have our own individual thresholds”. Humans are complex.  The complex situation also makes it very individual.  To understand what will influence one person and…

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The Legend Ride Experience – “It Glides”

This is an owner’s response to his experience of a Legend bicycle. “It glides. I have searched for a word to express how it feels to ride my new Legend and ‘gliding’ comes closest. Gliding because the connection to the road feels entirely unmediated. The bike goes where I want it to go. Always. That…

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